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Introducing CATMapper: A Windows Utility to Map VFO Functionality between Radios!

  Many types of remote solutions offer only an on-screen VFO (Icom, Yaesu, Flex applications come to mind.)   However, many of us own some type of HF radio that has CAT computer control. What if you could use the hardware VFO (tuning knobs) from an existing radio to control the VFO on a  virtual radio's control panel? I tested this concept out in ARRL DX SSB this year, using an Elecraft K3/0 Mini and the Flex SmartSDR! It worked quite well (despite some initial bugs). The program uses VE3NEA'S OmniRig application, which does the heavy lifting of all the CAT commands for various radios.   How does it work?   Simply ensure the radio you are controlling with, and the radio you want to control both have COM port connectivity.  Then, start CATMapper, go to the File menu, and choose "Configure..." from the menu.  In the OmniRig dialog, configure each radio (Rig1 and Rig2), specifying baud rates, etc.  I recommend a 150mS poll time for smooth operation. Once you press the OK