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TailScale: The Holy Grail of VPNs for Amateur Radio Remote Operation

Operating an Amateur Radio station remotely will require you to have some understanding of network fundamentals.   If you are the station owner, this may require knowledge of IP Addressing, protocols and perhaps port forwarding.    Depending on who supplies your Internet, their may be insurmountable issues. In this blog post, I'm going to explain the complexities of hosting a remote station, and a solution to solving the issues for 99% of the situations out there.   I've tested this solution in many scenarios, and I can say that it works pretty flawlessly. First, some basics.   If you understand  IP and routing, or just want to get to the info about TailScale, skip this part.  However, to many hams it remains a mystery. About IP and Routing Every Internet connection has an IP address.  Think of it as a unique address -- similar to your home address.    With that unique address, any other computer in the world can reach your router (your home.) There are two schemes in use today